Become an artisan vendor

Thank you for your interest in selling your artwork with  the Strokes of Creativity Artist Boutique & Studio. At this time we have 20+ Artisans local to the Shenandoah  Valley.

If accepted :You must agree to update your items in the shop. We require you to be a active part of the collective.  As a retail artist boutique, we only accept  hand painted, hand crafted or hand made items. You set your prices, however we will not accept items that we feel we will not be able to sell.  All items must be tagged with prices, your name, and assigned a number or name. You will receive a login and it is required that you add your inventory to our POS system before you can put it on the sales floor, as well as furnishing a complete inventory list of all things you have in the boutique.

Please fill out the form and email it or bring it by the Boutique.


Benefits of becoming an artisan vendor with us:

  • meet like minded artists
  • to exhibit and sell your artwork
  • share your knowledge
  • promoting and exposure of your artwork in an art collective
  • participate and/or organize workshops
  • artist networking forum
  • be a part of an artists network