Strokes of Creativity Artist Boutique & Studio

Strokes of Creativity is the love child of artist and creative mind Teresa Henry.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an artist.  Fun thing is I don’t know exactly when I became one.  People started introduction me as an artist and I would stop and think, WHO, ME?  I mean I would take any chance to create, but that doesn’t make me an artist, does it?  I mean I have sold a few things, but me an artist- wow, maybe I am.  Great, I am an artist!     I will make things, and more things and paint and make, and What in the world am I going to do with any this stuff…

I would have these big what if talks with my husband Patrick.  What if I could have my own shop, I would sell my art, and open it up to other artisans to sell theirs as well.  Oh, and we could do fun classes.  I would invite everyone and anyone in to create with me and enjoy the experience of being inspired by others to create.  He would follow me up what an ah-uh and then he would call my buff and said let’s just do it.  Over 10 years this was a one going conversation with him, my friends, and sometimes strangers.

Really- Whoever would listen in the moment, then I would said I couldn’t do that, it takes times, and money and I hate talking in public, and I don’t know where I would begin, and what if I fail?

So, fast forward a few years (ha, well over 10 years) I get this call from my lifelong friend Niki- She says the stars have all a lined and it’s time to shut up and put up!  Well this is what I heard, she was very excited and very nice about the opportunity.

Anyway, my opportunity was a short term, affordable, and most of all doable, if I step out of my own way and try.   So, I pulled up my big girl panty – and got started.    This meant the same friends and family would listen to me talk about the what ifs again, but this time it was I have to do this,  what-if I don’t try,  what-if I could do something amazing, and help other artisans and bring something to the community, that I for one,  wanted and needed.  What-if the sky is the limit.


Welcome, come on in and create!

Dare to Create


Strokes of Creativity Boutique showcases local artisan and creators’ works. As a creative collective of  innovative artists  we help each other grow and be successful.


Strokes of Creativity opened in September  2018.  Owned and operated by Teresa Henry, an artist, and creative mind.  She wanted a place to create and sell her art.  She quickly discovered the need for a place that would bring hand crafted wares to her community.


Here at Strokes of Creativity we strive to provide a creative and nurturing environment for everyone who comes to visit us.


We hope you find us as a place where you can make incredible art, try new mediums, gain confidence, and create friendships.

Teresa Henry

Owner/Artist/Creative Mind
Teresa’s combination of natural talent along with her need to be creative, keeps her busy trying new things and pushing the limits. Along with her love of art, she enjoys being behind the camera, re-purposing, and crafting. She has been deemed a “Jill of all trades,” however; she likes to think of herself as an innovative artist with a twist